Chithirai Festival

Chithirai Festival Held annually in April, the renowned Chithirai Festival in Madurai spans an entire month, making it one of…


Jallikattu Globally recognized, Jallikattu is an event or sport held on January 15th, where brave individuals partake in taming ferocious…


Avanimoolam Celebrated in August/September, Avanimoolam is a 10-day festival dedicated to reenacting the divine acts performed by Lord Shiva in…

Festival of Cradle

Festival of Cradle During this 9-day festival, known as the Festival of Cradle, GoddessMeenakshi and Lord Shiva are ceremoniously carried…


Pongal Paying tribute to the Sun God, Pongal is a joyous 3-day festival held in January, filled with festivities, feasts,…


Navarathri Spanning 10 days in October, the Navarathri festival sees the deity Meenakshi adorned in an unique attire and making…


Karthigai On the auspicious day of Kaarthigai in November, the temple is adorned with theillumination of one lakh lamps, creating…

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